November 2016
Aston Martin Vanquish and Vantage

LEGENDS OF DESIGN: 'Astons and Jags'
Streaming online now!

We filmed some amazing Astons and Jags at The Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance.

 Click below to see just a few of the cars that are featured on the show!

This 1957 Aston Martin Mk III is actually the prototype for the Mk III range, and was not only used for official testing and design duties, but had also been entered into the Monte Carlo Rally. As owner Dave Adams explains, the Mk III represented a huge number of both endings and beginnings for the marque.

This is a great video of many cars that attended the 2018 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance - keep an eye out for a special little red 1952 Aston Martin DB2! We got a lot of attention with that car. It was a great event and we're looking forward to next year!

"Me and My Vanquish -

An Aston Martin Adventure"

Follow Joe Limongelli’s experiences as an enthusiast and owner of several notable Aston Martin cars, detailing the finer points of purchase, care and maintenance of a specialty vehicle and culminating in a remarkable adventure – a journey across the United States in a 2004 Aston Martin Vanquish. A road trip unparalleled, in a car equally as unique.