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GTs at the Barn
The annual New York party for Ford's GT supercar


March, 2011 - Words and Photography by Richard Lentinello

The quiet serenity that suburban Long Islanders look forward to every Saturday was blown to smithereens one September weekend last year when a bunch of Ford GTs, their exhaust roaring with high-pitch bravado, came screaming into town. They descended upon Joey Limongelli's house, in the quiet town of Cold Spring Harbor, to attend the fourth annual GTs at the Barn gathering.


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Why the first Ford GT prototype lives in a Long Island garage


In a small wooden garage on the north shore of Long Island sits something truly unique; something that even the most ardent car fanatics have likely never heard of. It's called CP1, or Confirmation Prototype 1. It was the first fully-functional Ford GT prototype produced in 2003 during the testing phase of the company's highly anticipated...


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Empty merchandise boxes mean we were able to make donations to the V.A. and also helped us buy supplies and provide meals for veterans.

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase or a donation, your generosity makes a difference!

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In the summer of 2012, a group of passionate auto enthusiasts embarked on an amazing road trip on the best roads Europe had to offer. Of the thirteen cars that went, one was a very special 2005 Ford GT.   What made this GT so special? Well, its owners, Joey (GTJoey) Limongelli and Chris (Nardo) McGregor set out to show the automotive world that the Ford GT, while being a world class Supercar, it is also very street able, easy to drive, and can be driven on a daily basis. Their plan was to first drive the car all the way across Canada from East to West, then South along the Pacific coast, to attend Monterey...


Fixing a Ford GT Borla Muffler

Thanks to Everyone Who Visited Us at the Carlisle Ford Nationals!
We were so happy to see old friends and make new ones this year! We sold lots of Ford GT books, lunchboxes, mugs, etc. and matched all sales with a sizable donation to the Northport V.A. to help veterans.

Amelia Island Concours 2016

Moray Callum and his wife hold a copy of "Ford GT, The Complete Owners Experience." As Ford VP of design, Moray Callum​ oversaw the development of the 2017 Ford GT.

GT Joey with Ken Squier and Chris Theodore. Ken Squier served as the lap-by-lap announcer for NASCAR on CBS from 1979 through 1997.


professional IndyCar driver,

Lyn St. James stopped by to say hello!

Ford GT Book Sales Benefit Veterans

GT Joey with Lonnie Sherman of the Northfork V.A. - delivering 38 pairs of shoes to needy veterans in NY.